Climate services for marine fisheries

Partners involved

Opens internal link in current windowDTU Aqua, Pelagic Freezer Trawler Association, Danish Pelagic Producer Organisation


Tremendous advances in oceanographic observing and modelling systems over the last decade now mean that in some areas (e.g. NE Atlantic) statistically meaningful predictive skill of variables such as sea-surface temperature out to five years or more is feasible. Exploiting this new predictive skill to support marine fisheries is emerging as one of the new opportunities and challenges of marine science. Translating these predictions of the physical environment into biological outcomes, however, is not straightforward and forecasting marine ecosystems is a scientific field still in its infancy.

Co-design and co-production

We aim to pioneer annual and multi-annual fisheries-related predictions by developing and operationalizing the first such products in collaboration with stakeholders. Furthermore, we will estimate their value of these products to both end-users and the sector in general.


  • Mark Payne, DTU Aqua
  • Claus Reedtz Sparrevohn, DPPO
  • Martin Pastoors, PFA

Dissemination materials

All available in open access in Opens external link in new windowZenodo Blue-Action community


The main results of this case study can be found in these reports:

Baseline data selected by this case study

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