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5-Russian Arctic oil and gas extraction
Courtesy of Vilena Valeeva

Oil and Gas Development in the Russian Arctic

Partners involved

Opens internal link in current windowIASS, IMEMO, Foresight intelligence 

Months: 1-48

Deliverables associated

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Changes in the Arctic bring risks and opportunities, which strongly affect local ecosystems, people and  communities. This case study focuses on potential social, economic and environmental impacts of changes in opportunities and risks of energy resource development at three sites in the Russian Arctic. These sites will provide valuable insights and comparisons of impacts of changes in the Arctic and relate them to interdependencies with stakeholders based in the Arctic or elsewhere (especially in Europe). The sites share the potential for affecting local communities, including indigenous people and the fact that they are all are affected by Arctic climate change. However, the sites involve development of different commodities (oil, gas) in different environmental and social contexts and are thus expected to produce different socio-economic and environmental impacts.


To produce an analysis and evaluation of possible outcome scenarios in resource extraction in the Russian Arctic, and develop greater capacity among stakeholders to use climate information in their decision making at various levels of governance and spatial scales.

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