Webinar 1: Developing public outreach activities


Blue-Action are coordinating a series of webinars on climate science communication in 2020. These are aimed at early-career researchers, but anyone who wishes to engage people with their research at any stage will find them valuable.

If you are interested in joining future webinars, please see upcoming training and register here.



Watch the full webinar below!

This webinar was delivered on 22nd May 2020 by Laura Curtis-Moss, Worldwide Programmes Manager at Edinburgh Science, and part of the Blue-Action Societal Engagement Group




For more information on engaging with the public, please see:

European Science Engagement Association: https://eusea.info/

European Citizen Science Association: https://ecsa.citizen-science.net/

Science Festival Alliance (US): https://sciencefestivals.org/

Pint of Science: https://pintofscience.com/

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