Cordis Service Pack on Climate Services published in November 2020

How climate services can help decision taking in a changing climate: Stories from Horizon 2020 projects: Climate services turn scientific knowledge on climate variability and change into actionable information that can be exploited by a wide range of users, including public authorities, businesses and the public. The information allows the users to account for the effects of climate change into their decision making, thereby minimising risks and seizing available opportunities to achieve a more resilient society and economy. This CORDIS Results Pack focuses on 10 EU-funded projects that have developed vital tools and expertise to help mitigate the impacts of a changing climate through the application of climate services.

Blue-Action is featured with an article on "New tools to combat the ripple effects of a warming Arctic":

Article on Arctic climate and weather in Polar Special Edition of ECO Magazine

The latest special issue of ECO Magazine contains an article by Marilena Oltmanns (NOC) and Hannah Grist (SRSL) exploring a recent Blue-Action Geophysical Research Letters publication on the mechanisms underlying Arctic influence on Northern hemisphere weather. Read more about the new results in "From Sea Ice Melt to Seasonal Floods: How does the Arctic affect our Weather?"



Feature on Climate Services on Arctic Issue of ECO Magazine

The Blue-Action team, Hannah Grist (SRSL) and Mark Payne (DTU Aqua) contributed an article on climate services to a special Arctic Issue of ECO Magazine, written for those working in marine environments. Read more about the importance of working with end-users to understand what science is needed to adapt to changing climates. "Climate Services: How Arctic Science can help us change with the climate


Article highlighting Blue-Action work by European Commission

Blue-Action has been highlighted by the European Commission for its work on understanding and predicting climate extremes. Read more here:


Blog on fish forecasts on Polar Prediction Matters

Blue-Action's Mark Payne (DTU Aqua) tackles why we don't have fish forecasts and other questions about forecasting in a new blog for Polar Prediction Matters: Cloudy with Passing Schools of Tuna – Why Don’t We Have Forecasts of Fish?


Interview with Kathrin Keil (IASS) on Warming Arctic - Extreme Events in high North News

High North News interviews Kathrin Keil, Blue-Action WP5 co-leader on the warming Arctic, extreme events, joining multi-disciplinary forces and the importance of climate services.  Read the full article

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