Climate Services

Climate services are the translation of climate-related data into specific and usable products that are of use for society.

Within Blue-Action, we developed five case studies that showcase the potential breadth of uses of the climate science we produced.

All our climate services were co-designed between our scientific team and the end-users to create a relevant output that can assist decision-making within the sector or business.

We also produced a study on use of climate information, working directly with communities to maximise the impact of the climate science outputs.

A general introduction to all our case studies can be downloaded here:

For more information on each of the case studies, please see the pages linked below:

  1. Opens internal link in current windowWinter tourism centers in Northern Finland 
  2. Opens internal link in current windowTemperature-related human mortality in European regions
  3. Opens internal link in current windowExtreme weather risks to maritime activities 
  4. Opens internal link in current windowClimate services for marine fisheries
  5. Opens internal link in current windowYamal 2040: Scenarios for the Russian Arctic 





Blue Action Climate Services - Mark Payne

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