Blue-Action aimed to improve our understanding of the impact of a changing Arctic on Northern Hemisphere weather and climate.

For this reason, we have been part of several cluster of projects:

  • Opens internal link in current windowEU Arctic Cluster, collecting EU-PolarNet, NUNATARYUK, APPLICATE, INTAROS and other projects
  • Opens internal link in current windowEU Climate Modelling Cluster, collecting PRIMAVERA, CRESCENDO and others H2020 funded projects
  • Opens external link in new windowEU Climate Services Cluster, with our activities related to the development of climate and information services, we also collaborate with climate service projects, such as Climateurope and MARCO
  • Blue Growth Cluster: Blue-Action is funded by Blue Growth, thus we also connect to other Blue Growth-funded projects such as AtlantOS, CERES
  • Opens external link in new windowASOF Arctic and Subarctic Ocean Fluxes: ASOF is an international program on the oceanography of the Arctic and Subarctic seas and their role in climate. ASOF focusses on ocean fluxes of mass, heat, freshwater, and ice in the Arctic and Subarctic oceans.


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