The cluster includes projects focusing on "Polar", "Arctic" and "Antarctic".

The original name "EU Arctic Cluster" was changed in July 2019 to "EU Polar Cluster".

All projects included in the cluster are described in the Cluster website:

Blue-Action is listed under the ended projects with some highlights on what we have achieved and on our legacy:

Short presentation of the EU Polar Cluster

Prepared by the EU-PolarNet team: check this out

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Who: Several currently funded Horizon 2020 Arctic projects together build the EU Polar Cluster – a network, which merges the most up-to-date findings on polar changes and its global implications.

Objective: provide guidance and policy-relevant information and to support the EU in advancing international cooperation, in responding to the impacts of climate change on the fragile environment of the Polar regions, and on promoting and contributing to sustainable development.

Collaborations:  the EU Polar Cluster cooperates closely with policy makers, indigenous peoples, local Arctic communities, business representatives and the European civil society.


Polar Cluster Working Groups

  • Stakeholder engagement and Education
  • Communication and Dissemination
  • Data management
  • Policy


Blue-Action contributed to

EU-PolarNet and the European Polar Cluster

  • 4 June 2019, EU Arctic Cluster Meeting, Brussels (BE)
  • 25-29 March 2019, EU-PolarNet General Assembly, Lisbon (PT)
  • 17 April 2018, EU Arctic Cluster Meeting, Brussels (BE)
  • 27-28 March 2018, EU-PolarNet General Assembly, Tallinn (EE)
  • 6-8 February 2018 ARICE kick off meeting, Bremerhaven (DE)
  • 27-29 November 2017, ICE-ARC final general assembly, Barcelona (ES)
  • 3 April 2017, EU-PolarNet General Assembly, Prague (CZ)

INTAROS cooperation:

  • 16 September 2021 UN Ocean Decade Lab on ocean observations and predictions
  • April-May 2018, Blue-Action partners to contribute to an INTAROS deliverable "Assessment of the existing in-situ observations" (Survey 2018). The INTAROS survey was distributed to WP2 partners in April 2018
  • 18 April 2018 Joint INTAROS/Blue-Action workshop 'Arctic monitoring, modeling and Arctic teleconnection and prediction', Bejing (CHN)
  • 7 February 2018, INTAROS and Blue-Action meeting, Copenhagen (DK) on potential cooperation between work on stakeholder involvement and demonstration service focussing on the Arctic marine sector. Dialogue between Blue-Action WP5 and INTAROS WP6 on possible cooperation regarding demonstration of service value to maritime industry
  • 10 Jan 2018, INTAROS annual meeting, Helsinki (FI)
  • 5 May 2017, INTAROS Stakeholder Workshop:  Building long term observing systems in the Arctic – requirements and challenges, Brussels (BE). Attended by Karin Margretha H. Larsen (WP2 lead)
  • 11 Jan 2017, INTAROS Kickoff, Bergen (NO)

APPLICATE cooperation:

  • 8 February 2017, APPLICATE kickoff, Bremerhaven (DE)

  • 15 Jan 2018,  APPLICATE annual meeting 2018, Barcelona (ES)

Direct support to EC /EASME activities

  • 29-30 March 2017, EC workshop ‘’Arctic Workshop of the Transatlantic Ocean research alliance’’, Brussels (BE)
  • 23-24 Nov 2017, EC/JRC Impact Assessment on a Long-Term Investment on Arctic Observations IMOBAR workshop, Brussels (BE)
  • 19 March 2018 The EU’s Arctic research and Arctic scientific cooperation, Levi, Kittilä (FI)

Other significant contributions:

  • Arctic Science Networking Workshop, 30 August-1 Sept. 2017, Helsinki (FI)
  • 27-29 November 2017, ICE-ARC final general assembly, Barcelona (ES)
  • 6-8 March 2018, Second Workshop on AMAP Contributions to the IPCC, Helsinki (FI)

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