Ocean Observations and Fluxes Calculations

ASOF and Blue-Action organised a workshop on these two topics in April 2019.

Representativeness of ocean observations: A recurring issue in the analysis and interpretation of observational data, as well in the use of these data for model validation and data assimilation, is how their representativeness in space and time are dealt with. This issue is of particular relevance for in-situ data such as oceanic measurements from profiling devices or time series data from mooring locations. We particularly welcomed submissions dealing with questions related to representativeness and uncertainties in observations, what these mean for the observational analysis as well as the usefulness of the data in modelling, and ways forward in resolving those issues in particular in regions of sparse data coverage.

Flux calculations: Blue-Action fostered a discussion the problems related to the usefulness/ambiguity of heat- and freshwaterflux calculations across single gateways. ASOF is going to release a set of recommendations on the basis of the consensus achieved, with contributions from the Blue-Action teams.


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