Setting the scene and the biggest framework for clustering in the Arctic region

Welcome and Initiates file downloadintroduction on the project and programme of the days Steffen Olsen & Daniela Matei

Initiates file downloadWP1 Introduction, Johanna Baehr

Initiates file downloadWP2 Introduction, Karin M. H. Larsen

Initiates file downloadWP3 Introduction, Yongqi Gao

Initiates file downloadWP4 Introduction, Daniela Matei

Initiates file downloadWP5 Introduction, Mark R. Payne

Initiates file downloadWP8-Introduction, Raeanne Miller

Netwoking lunch

Session 1: Clustering within the European Framework

Introduction on Clustering (WP6),Steffen Olsen/Daniela Matei

Initiates file downloadBlue-Action linkages AR6/IPCC, Daniela Matei

Initiates file downloadJPI Oceans initiative: Goals and activities, link to the Arctic and Blue-Growth, Jacqueline Kay Wood

Initiates file downloadJPI Climate, provided by Petra Manderscheid, presented by Jacky Wood

Session 2: Clustering on science and innovation, network projects

Initiates file downloadH2020 EU-Polarnet, Nicole Biebow, EU-Polarnet Coordinator

Initiates file downloadH2020 AtlantOS, Anja Reitz,  AtlantOS Coordination

Initiates file downloadUS/NCAR activities, Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR

Initiates file downloadC3S sectoral applications,Carlo Buontempo, C3S/ECMWF (RIAG)

Session 3: Clustering within H2020 BG9/10

Initiates file downloadH2020 INTAROS, Stein Sandven, INTAROS Coordinator

RIAG introduction

Initiates file downloadIntroduction and a view on US Arctic marine science , Mike Steele (RIAG)

Initiates file downloadIntroduction and insight on Intellectual Property and Grant Agreement obligations, Tom Reynolds (RIAG) 

Networking Dinner

Session 3: Clustering within H2020 BG9/10

Initiates file downloadH2020 APPLICATE, Thomas Jung, APPLICATE Coordinator

Blue-Action presentations (part 1)

Initiates file downloadSevere marine weather and how to forecast it, Erik Kolstad (WP1 and WP5)

Initiates file downloadThe role of the stratosphere for seasonal prediction over Europe, Daniela Domeisen (WP1)

Initiates file downloadOn the role of Arctic sea ice in defining European extreme winters, Shuting Yang (WP1)

 Initiates file downloadHeat transport to the Arctic and its impacts, Gerard McCarthy (WP2)

Session 2: Clustering on science and innovation, network projects

Introducing climate service and Climateurope, Daniela Jacob

Blue-Action presentations (Part 2)

Initiates file downloadTowards a new reanalysis with the IPSL climate model, Juliette Mignot (WP2)

Initiates file downloadThe influence of autumnal Eurasian with Arctic sea ice cover, Guillaume Gastineau (WP3)

Initiates file downloadAbrupt cooling over the North Atlantic in modern climate models, Didier Swingedouw (WP3/4)

Initiates file downloadImpacts of sea ice / SST changes for the observed climate change –GREENICE project (multi-model results), Yongqi Gao (WP3)

Initiates file downloadIncreased skill in Arctic ice predictions using post-processing, Wilco Hazeleger (WP4)

Initiates file download Developing a climate prediction model for the Arctic: NorCPM, Noel Keenylside (WP4)

Initiates file downloadAtmospheric Response to Atlantic Cold Blob, Sybren Drijfhout (WP4)

Initiates file downloadTemperature Related Mortality, Joan Ballester (WP5)

Initiates file downloadWeather and climate data for Northern Finnish winter tourism centers, Pamela Lesser (WP5)

Session 2: Clustering on science and innovation, network projects

Initiates file downloadPPP & YOPP Coordination, Thomas Jung (YOPP)

Initiates file downloadImplementation of H2020 actions, Franz Immler (EC/EASME)

Initiates file downloadWCRP future research priorities, Guy Brasseur (WCRP)

Reports from the breakout sessions

Initiates file downloadBreakout session WP1, Johanna Baehr

Initiates file downloadBreakout session WP2, Gerard McCarthy

Initiates file downloadBreakout session WP3, Guillaume Gastineau

Initiates file downloadBreakout session WP4, Noel Keenlyside

Initiates file downloadBreakout session WP5, Kathrin Keil

Breakout session WP8:
 Initiates file downloadCommunication plan and activities, Dissemination to scientific community (WP8), Raeanne Miller

Initiates file downloadInteraction with new audiences and the business sector (WP8), Peter Vangsbo


Initiates file downloadWP7 Management Project management/ Financial management, Katrine Sandvad & Chiara Bearzotti

Initiates file downloadClosing remarks, Steffen Olsen & Daniela Matei

Meeting of the Steering Committee

Coordinator, WP leaders and co-leads, Steffen Olsen & Daniela Matei

Networking lunch

Breakout sessions

Presentations during the breakout sessions. Please send materials to Chiara, so we can share them here within the consortium: chb@we dont want







WP3 and WP4

Swingedouw> Initiates file downloadTask 3.3: Impact of Arctic Ocean freshening on the Northern Hemisphere climate

Gastineau> Initiates file downloadTask 3.2 : Arctic warming impacts : role of air-sea coupling

Davy> Initiates file downloadTask 3.4: Improve representation of the surface heat flux in the Arctic








Basic information for preparing the meeting.

Agenda: Initiates file downloadVersion 17 January 2017 (PDF)

List of the participants: Initiates file downloadVersion 11 January 2017 (Excel)

Logistics for the meeting: contains information on rooms, available IT equipment, rooms, breakout sessions, wlan, lunches, dinners, access to location Initiates file downloadVersion 11 January 2017 (Word)

How to get to Harnack Haus: information on metro/taxi and map of the neighbourhood Initiates file downloadVersion 11 January 2017 (Word)

Description of the Action

This is the last approved version of the description of the action (DoA), approved by the EC in

January 2017 after the termination of participation of IC3 and replacement of IC3 with ISGlobal

  • Part A: description of the WP, list of deliverables, list of milestones, list of the partners, risks, reviews and estimated effort of person-months Download Initiates file downloadPart A   (PDF)
  • Part B: Rest of the project description. Download Initiates file downloadPart B (PDF)

Documents H2020

A number of mandatory requirements are set for this project and derive from obligations indicated in the contract with the European Commission.

You are required to familiarize yourself with these:

  • H2020 Programme Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020: Version 3.0 26 July 2016 FAIR=findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). Setting the minimum requirement for compliance to the Grant Agreement obligations.
  • H2020 Programme Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020 Initiates file downloadVersion 3.1 25 August 2016
  • Communicating EU research and innovationguidance for project participants Initiates file downloadVersion 1.02 5 September2014

Acknowledge EU contribution

Please add this slide to your Presentations to acknowledge the EU contribution received by Blue-Action: Initiates file downloadAcknowledgments V1 (in PowerPoint)


During the kickoff we will use the following hashtag: #BlueAction

Remeber to tag the project: Opens external link in new window@BG10Blueaction

You can also tag the following Twitter accounts of the EC:

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