Governance structure



For more information on the members of Blue-Action, including the coordination and project office, see Teams.


For more information on the work package leads, see Work Packages.



The Research and Innovation Advisory group provide guidance and support regarding the scientific quality and innovation, and advice on innovation management issues, especially with respect to the scientific relevance and transferability of products and tools.


Current advisors:

Darlene Langlois

Guy Brasseur

Axel Schweiger

Mike Steele

Francis Zwiers

Jean-Noel Thepaut

Carlo Buontempo

Lola Kotova

Viktor Gouretski

An Nguyen

Annalisa Cherchi

Tom Reynolds

Barry Shafe



The Societal Engagement Group allow us to open up a dialogue between the represented communities and the project,  for the project to receive critical feedback on development and  results and how these can provide a feed from the communities’ existing agendas. The approach of getting a SEG as independent advisor is consistent with both the EU’s commitment to Science Education within the Responsible Research and Innovation agenda and the wider aims of Citizen science. 


Current members:

Laura Meller

Liisa Holmberg

Lene Kielsen Holm

Laura Curtis-Moss

Courtney Peyton

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