3rd December, Policy briefing on Fish Forecasting


On 3rd December 2020, Blue-Action organised a policy briefing entitled "Forecasting fish distribution and abundance in the Atlantic Ocean: the challenge of balancing exploitation and sustainability",  hosted by MEPs Isabel Carvalhais, Pierre Karleskind, and Grace O'Sullivan.

The briefing in partnership with the European Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, and the H2020 TRIATLAS and MISSION ATLANTIC projects around the topic of long-term predictions for of fish abundance and distribution, with a focus on the Atlantic Ocean and the challenge to balance exploitation and sustainability. 

The briefing document is available in Zenodo, and the booklet on Blue-Action fish forecasting work is here. The event report and recording of the event can be accessed here, and presentations are also available in Zenodo: Mark PayneFemke de JongJorn Schmidt and Laura Meller.

For more information on the ocean observations and modelling that have paved the way to fish forecasting, please see our page here.



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