Business modelling and pitching for climate researchers


Blue-Action worked with Climate-KIC to develop a course designed to support researchers in taking the first steps in designing and pitching your "product".

About the course

Learning designers at Climate-KIC have customised successful courses to fit the needs of climate service projects, so this is a great opportunity to work with experts on shaping climate services.

Some of the projects and scientists might already have a clear understanding of who their client is while others might not think of their solution so much as a product or service which can be “sold”. The course and the available coaching sessions can be used as a way to explore these concepts and exploit their various potentials.



Course structure

The course is designed specifically for climate researchers interested in pitching and developing their services into products. The learning design takes into account that the audience will range from early-career researchers to professor-level, with a very different range of potential products. 

The course consists of two sections:

Module 1: Business Modelling

Module 1 of this course is an opportunity for the participants to explore the value that they bring to society and build business concepts around this offer, and learn to see the value as a “product” or a service which can be relevant on the market.

The learning objectives of this module are:

  • To understand the advantages of considering climate services as a business model
  • To undertake an assessment of the end-user needs and how the climate service can add value
  • To be able to design a business model based around a climate service


Module 2: Pitching

In Module 2, you will learn to pitch your business concept to investors, customers, or funders.

The learning objectives of this module are:

  • To understand how to structure a good climate service pitch, including identifying the key messages and outcomes
  • To be able to describe the requirements of different audiences and demonstrate how to adapt a pitch to fulfil those requirements
  • To be able to draft, refine and script a compelling pitch
  • To be able to confidently deliver a pitch on a climate service to an audience

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