The EU climate modelling cluster is collecting a number of H2020 funded Projects such as Blue-Action, APPLICATE, PRIMAVERA, CRESCENDO working on climate modelling topics.

Blue-Action organised

20-22 September 2021, Workshop on Climate Predictions in the North Atlantic

Read more on the workshop page

18-19 Sept 2017, Blue-Action Clustering workshop "Tipping Elements in the Climate System, with a Focus on the North Atlantic", Oxford (UK)

Outcome of the workshop: Opens external link in new window

5-7 June 2019, 2nd EU Climate Modelling "Workshop on Climate Prediction in the Atlantic-Arctic sector", Bergen (NO)

Jointly organised by the Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit and the EU Modelling ClusterLocal host: Noel Keenlyside (UIB), Mahaut de Vareilles . Opens window for sending emailMahaut.Vareilles@we dont want, Chiara Bearzotti Opens window for sending emailchb@we dont want

Outcome of the workshop: Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action contributed to

23-24 May 2017, EC/EASME Workshop Evaluating climate and Earth system models at the process level, Brussels (BE)

This was the first EU Climate Modelling workshop. Blue-Action contributed with talks on Evaluating North Atlantic Ocean Circulation and Properties, Planned Simulation and Data Sharing in Blue Action, Model evaluation aims, plans, lessons learned in Blue-Action. Blue-Action representatives: 

  • Steffen Olsen (DMI)
  • Jan-Stefan Fritz (KDM)
  • Ben Moat (NOC)
  • Guillaume Gastineau (CNRS-UPMC)
  • Shuting Yang (DMI)

29-30 November 2017, EC/EASME workshop „Climate services at work, Projects exchange and networking lab, Brussels (BE),  29-30 November 2017

Contribution by Joan Ballester (ISGlobal) "Long-term acclimatization scenarios of temperature-related mortality in Europe", available in Zenodo

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