14 October 2020, Policy briefing on Extreme Events & Tipping Points


Blue-Action teams organised a policy briefing event in partnership with European Climate Research Alliance and the European Parliament Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. The event was an opportunity for Blue-Action to discuss the cutting-edge science and impacts around extreme climate events and tipping points together with Member of the European Parliament and policy officers of the European Commission. The key question was how studying the Arctic can help us predict future European Climate beyond the mean.

The event  included a panel discussion with Blue-Action partners, hosting MEPS Urmas Paet and Christel Schaldemose, ECRA representative Lars H. Smedsrud, Greenland Representative Mininnguaq Kleist and European Commission representative Sigi Gruber. 


The presentations from the briefing can be downloaded here: https://zenodo.org/record/4094929#.X41RttBKjIU 

The recording of the event is available here: https://ebcd.org/event/online-event-tipping-points-extreme-events-and-uncertainty-how-can-studying-the-arctic-help-us-predict-future-european-climate-beyond-the-mean/ 


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