New knowledge exchange series

Blue-Action, in partnership with the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA), invited researchers from across the climate science community to join us for a new series of regular online knowledge exchange events. This was an exciting opportunity for you to network and disseminate your recent results, peer-to-peer.

#ClimateCoffees are short (30-40 min), relaxed meetings for scientists to share ideas, discuss methods and communicate new results.

Are you interested in giving a talk in the next sessions, or hearing more?

Please email  coffee@we dont want to findout more, there are few slots available before Christmas 2021.

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Upcoming events

16 September 2021

Rasmus Benestad, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Norwegian approach to downscaling
Zoom link: 


30 September 2021

Ralf Ludwig, Ludwig-Maximilians-University

Impact and attribution of extreme events using large, hydro-meteorological model ensembles



14 October 2021

Magdalena Mittermeier, Ludwig-Maximilians-University

Studying Climate Change Effects on Extreme Weather Patterns using Neural Networks



28 October 2021

Len Shaffrey, University of Reading

Title tbc





Past events

17 June 2021

Vilena Valeeva, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V.

“Yamal 2040: Co-created scenarios as a tool for preparation for uncertain futures”


24 June 2021

Soon-Il An, Yonsei University

“How retreating Barents-Kara Sea Ice may exert control on ENSO periodicity”

10 June 2021

Yang Liu, Netherlands eScience Center

"Deterministic and probabilistic forecasts of Arctic sea ice with deep neural networks".


3 June 2021

Amélie Simon, CNRS IPSL Laboratory of Oceanography and Climate: Experiments and Numerical Approaches

"Direct winter atmospheric response to Arctic sea-ice loss and its modulation by the QBO”


27 May 2021

Tian Tian, Danish Meterological Institute

"The role of sea ice initialization on the Arctic decadal prediction skill with EC-Earth3"


20 May 2021

Yulia Polkova, University of Hamburg

“Marine cold air outbreaks and their predictability”













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