The kick off meeting was held on 18-20 January 2017 in Berlin (DE).


At the initial event, there were a number of presentations exploring the aims and actions of Blue-Action:


Setting the scene and the biggest framework for clustering in the Arctic region


Session 1: Clustering within the European Framework

Introduction on Clustering (WP6),Steffen Olsen (DMI)/Daniela Matei (MPI-M)


Session 2: Clustering on science and innovation and networking with projects on climate services, Arctic and Blue Growth


Session 3: Clustering on science and innovation, networking with other projects (Climate Services, Arctic, Blue Growth)

Blue-Action presentations

Severe marine weather and how to forecast it, Erik Kolstad (Unires, WP1 and WP5)

The role of the stratosphere for seasonal prediction over Europe, Daniela Domeisen (GEOMAR, WP1)

On the role of Arctic sea ice in defining European extreme winters, Shuting Yang (DMI,WP1)

Heat transport to the Arctic and its impacts, Gerard McCarthy (NERC-NOC, WP2)

Towards a new reanalysis with the IPSL climate model, Juliette Mignot (CNRS, WP2)

The influence of autumnal Eurasian with Arctic sea ice cover, Guillaume Gastineau (CNRS, WP3)

Abrupt cooling over the North Atlantic in modern climate models,  Didier Swingedouw (CNRS-EPOS, WP3/4)

Impacts of sea ice / SST changes for the observed climate change –GREENICE project (multi-model results), Yongqi Gao (NERSC, WP3)

Increased skill in Arctic ice predictions using post-processing, Wilco Hazeleger (NLeSC, WP4)

Developing a climate prediction model for the Arctic: NorCPM, Noel Keenylside (UiB, WP4)

Atmospheric Response to Atlantic Cold Blob, Sybren Drijfhout (UoS, WP4)

Temperature Related Mortality, Joan Ballester (ISGlobal, WP5)

Weather and climate data for Northern Finnish winter tourism centers, Pamela Lesser (AC UoL, WP5)


Reports from the breakout sessions

Closing remarks, Steffen Olsen (DMI), Daniela Matei (MPI-M)


RIAG contributions

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